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The Breath of Life Lugol's Iodine Solution 2%(2 oz.)
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The Breath of Life Lugol's Iodine Solution 2%(2 oz.)



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Lugol's taken internally in addition to replenishing the thyroid, also brings amazing relief and a calming, soothing, peaceful state to anxiety and a manic stage. It destroys vicious stomach bacteria, (especially salmonella), against gas, bloating, indigestion, heartburn. Doomed are harmful bacteria and parasite eggs. It is 100% safe (except if allergic) to take regularly, but only use as needed. Most of us are Deficient in Iodine Lugol's iodine is old-fashioned iodine and years ago was used for treating various illnesses. It has a distinctive trait - it hangs up on everything. In the stomach, it attaches to vicious salmonella, bacteria, parasite eggs and they are doomed. The thyroid is the organ most capable of absorbing iodine. Pathogenic microorganisms, the primary cause of disease, are made weaker and most are killed as they pass through the thyroid, provided, it has its normal supply of iodine. Clinical studies show that very few people have enough iodine in their thyroid to function optimally. This deficiency has occurred in the 20th century because of chlorine in drinking water, the alteration of natural food sources and modern farming practices. Aggravating the problem is that the body does not conserve iodine, therefore, we must get a regular supplemental intake to maintain optimal health.


Replenishes the thyroid

Brings amazing relief and a calming, soothing, peaceful state to anxiety

It destroys vicious stomach bacteria, (especially salmonella)

Helps with gas, bloating, indigestion, heartburn

Destroys harmful bacteria and parasite eggs

Product Details:
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Average Customer Rating: based on 403 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 403 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

1019 of 1028 found the following review helpful:

5Why Didn't My Doctors Tell Me About This?Aug 15, 2009
By D. Allen "Mr. Mojorisin"
My wife is hypothyroid, and I became interested in her condition when her doctors struggled to get her thyroid to respond to various medications. I searched hypothyroidism on the web, and one of the things that popped up was iodine. I read the various articles about it, and the reviews here on Amazon, and decided to order this. My wife agreed to try it, and I figured I'd do the same, just to see If it made me feel better.

We decided to take 5 drops (12.5 mg) each day and see if we noticed any effects. While my wife reported no improvement after a week, I experienced much more energy and alertness immediately after starting. But the real surprise for me was the vast improvement of some skin conditions I've had for many years that my dermatologist prescribed medication for, but could only slow the progression. The itching stopped immediately, and the patches of thick and callused skin on one of my palms started showing improvement, as did the eczema patch on one knee.

It's been three weeks now, and the eczema patch on my knee, which had grown to over 5 inches in diameter, is now less than 2 inches. It has changed from a maroon color to a normal skin color,and is still shrinking each day. The problem on my hand also appears to be heading toward full resolution.

I'm dumbfounded! How could my doctors overlook something as simple as a nutritional deficiency? I've worried about this condition and spent considerable money over the years trying to control it since I was told that was the best I could hope for. Something is terribly wrong with western medicine for something like this to occur.

Update 9-23-09: It's been over two months since I started taking this. The skin improvements stopped short of total resolution, but the improvements described in my review are still present. I am VERY happy.

Update 11-23-10: When I wrote the above comments, I didn't know it, but I still had one more surprise coming: For the last 15 years I've had four toenails that looked terrible due to fungus. Now, more than a year later, you can see in the nails where I began taking the iodine; the new growth looks healthy and normal. At the present growth rate, the bad part of the nails should be totally gone within a few more months.

432 of 441 found the following review helpful:

5Life-changing stuff!Jul 30, 2008
By Cactuslady
I have had symptoms of low thyroid most of my life but the lab tests were always within "normal" limits, so I was never treated to relieve the symptoms. I have been taking this stuff - 2-3 drops 5-6 days a week for several months. My energy is up, my skin is clearer, and I am able to keep the 35 lb weight loss without counting every calorie. It worked for me because it is what my body really needed. I would recommend this product for sub-clinical low thyroid conditions.

281 of 295 found the following review helpful:

5Nothing short of AMAZINGJan 10, 2012
By Ramona Al
Some time after Thanksgiving I somehow stumbled upon this product and scanned the reviews. I saw "hypothyroidism" and perked up because my wife suffers from this and is in a constant battle to keep her prescription levothyroxine dosage at the right level. She has also suffered for 15+ years with chronic fibromyalgia, insomnia and fatigue. She has taken various recommended supplements over the years and has never noticed significant change. The only thing that has helped her cope with her chronics have been powerful painkillers, muscle relaxants, and sleeping pills, and it has been a constant tension to avoid their more deleterious effects.

After reading the testimonials here, I thought it was worth a trial and bought a bottle and received it on Dec. 1. On Dec. 2 she felt better, and within a few days her consumption of her pain killers, muscle relaxants and even sleep aids dropped precipitously.

Improvement continued and got her through one of the busiest Christmas seasons in years with an abundance of pain-free, energy-filled days. The results are nothing short of amazing.

We are now in the 6th week of this regimen and she has done and accomplished more in that time than she had in the previous 6 months. She has not needed to refill 2/3 of the prescriptions she has needed refilled monthly.

In her case, it's looking more and more like "fibro" may be a thing in her past. Having just turned 70, perhaps now her "golden" years will truly be golden.

For us, the bottom line is that my stumble-bum landing on this product with all of these helpful reviews was a gift from God... and we thank Him!

361 of 383 found the following review helpful:

5A Mind ReturnedDec 03, 2010
By W. R. Russell Jr. "Lean Gator MBA"
I was living out the old saying "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.".

At only 49, I feared I was following in my grandmother's footsteps with senile dementia. Not the mild forgetfulness that we all jokingly play off when we can't remember something on the tips of our tongues, but rather the scary private secret that we know we're slowly losing our edge.

When you make your living with a sharp pencil this knowledge is especially devastating. A slow dimming of the mind is a cruel thing.

Enter iodine. Particularly Lugol's solution in this case. Within 2 hours of drinking a glass of water with 5 drops of the solution, I could feel the fog that had taken years to develop, beginning to lift. Within 24 hours and into the following week, it became abundantly clear that the cloud had lifted. My mind had returned to its normal, welcome sharpness. I wasn't just a little sharper, I was back to being me altogether. You cannot overstate my relief and gratitude. A million dollars couldn't buy what a few pennies did.

Apparently the FDA and medical community with it, have gotten the whole iodine thing totally wrong. You don't need MICROgrams of iodine, you need MILLIgrams and the health and longevity of the Japanese are my witnesses and evidence. Folks eating western diets get 100 or so micrograms of iodine a day if they're lucky, while the Japanese get 10 - 50 milligrams a day. That's 100 - 500x as much and the Japanese have demonstrably higher IQs and phenomenally lower breast and other cancer rates. Read the work of Dr. Brownstein and others with the Iodine Project. Apparently once again we have forgotten what we once knew - that iodine is medicine.

Do your own research on the matter and decide for yourself what is right.

If you do decide to supplement with iodine then education is imperative. The iodine is extremely safe, but is also a powerful detoxification agent and you need to be aware of some changes that can occur while your body is eliminating toxins flushed out by the iodine, particularly bromides. Be healthy and smart.

394 of 419 found the following review helpful:

5Worth consideringFeb 10, 2009
By Unicorns & Kittens
I have a number of hypo symptoms but am not interested in going on conventional medicine. Having taken Lugol's for about two weeks I find my basal body temperature has gone from mid-96s to 98.6 (what a cliche!) Also, the ice-cold feet I bothered my husband with at night have normalized. I also find that insomnia that was keeping me up until four a.m. or later has abated, now I'm getting tired around ten p.m. So I don't have long-term data, but for now I am pleased. My hope is over time it will correct my estrogen imbalance. Just know that iodine requires self-education. There are studies suggesting it can harm you, and studies suggesting that most of us are being harmed by iodine deficiency (women in particular).

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